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Bad Leadership

I'm glad that you are educated in fire science. So am I. But the fact is BSLFD has poor leadership and one of these days its going to bit them in the rear end. I have known other FF's that have worked along side of BSLFD and I haven't really heard one good thing when it comes to the leadership that the department has.. Yes, I agree.. Its not your fault that the truck broke down. But it wasn't the best judgement of your officers of putting you into that area.. To be honest, I agree with one of the writers that stated more training. Agree 100 percent. Many of the departments need to work on forest fire training before sending crews into it. Its going to be totally different than a structure fire and the fire behavior is total different.. Departments should get with their local NCFS ranger and get the training that they need.. Talk to NCFS about when they are doing a control burn to let the department come in on a certain area and practice and train on the proper ways of handling forest fires.. It might just help in the future.. Also the media isn't bad mouthing BSLFD.. Its the public in general that is.. I will not bad mouth volunteer fire or rescue personal(unless its needed), in fact to me they are not giving the proper thumbs up when it is needed.. But so many of the volunteers are under trained and when they smell smoke or see fire, they get all excited and sometimes don't use their heads.. I've seen this happen several time at different locations.. Again its not your fault that the brush truck broke down and anyone that says its your fault is a idoit. Yes there maybe could have been some better judgement on the leaders, but again you were just following orders.. Besides what you needed was the old Dodge Power wagon.. That was the bull of brush trucks... Best of luck with your department.. And I know that everyone has been jumping all over this and not one person said.. THANK YOU.. For your volunteer time that you put into the deparment..


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