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UH did I miss something

So he was able to walk into a courtroom with his family after being sentenced last week to federal prison? Am I missing something? I thought that when you are given an active sentence that you are taken away right then and there to jail/prison. What in the world made this criminal so different from any other person who has ever been sentenced? Where is their weekend stay at home? Where is their choice in when and where they are able to turn themselves over to the system? This does not seem right nor fair. Not only that but his sentence DID NOT fit the crime. They were too lenient on this man. For someone who was supposed to protect us and serve the community, he got off easy as they say. What about all the victims? Where is their justice? I have known for a while that the NC court system is completely screwed up. I guess the only way you get off easy here is if you have money or were a person of authority. Too bad Thomas Wright didn't get off so easliy


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