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Deals and judges

Unfortunately, Gore is still the DA, not the judge. This was a plea deal. Gore did have a hand in fashioning that. If I'm not mistaken, when the charges were being drawn up in the beginning, Roy Trest helped Gore write them. Then he turns around and represents Hewett in court? I sincerely hope you are not trying to say there is nothing smelly about the decision today. Anyone with a pea-sized brain can see the truth. To all of the BCSD personnel who got shafted today, please accept my apologies. I know all of you are not guilty of anything except trying to right a situation. I know some few of those who turned Hewett in are his cronies and have problems of their own, they have been alluded to only too well, but I also know that there were among the number bringing charges against the sheriff, professionals who did what they thought was the only steps open to them. Many citizens of this county suffer along with you tonight. To you, I offer prayers, also for your families. I am truly sorry your quest for justice has ended in such a terrible black eye - it is not a reflection on you, but on this county and its consistent back-turning on the way the law should work.


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