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I agree with you 100%

On this I agree with you 100% if it were anyone else or, you or, myself this "deal" would not have been offered. I do also agree with contingency that you have not egg on your face at all! Ronald Hewett won two elections and it was not just your vote. The man was one hell of a politician and had the great gift of gab. A great deal of people honored and believed in him. He has egg on his face for what he did. There is none on the loyal voters that believed in him. He was not that first or the last to take advantage of his position. Sadly, we always find out after the fact. But that is normal. If we knew before the fact we would not elect them. No reason for you to be looking at the ground, there is nothing there for you. Keep your head up. Personally, the only ones I have to question are those with their "eyes wid shut". There seems to be quite a following that would ignore his criminal intent and doings. And you know, it is not all about putting him in jail. Part of it is to put the message out there to others that would do the same. "Do the crime and you will do the time". Could you even imagine what it would be like if the courts turned the back on this kind of thing and did nothing at all? If that was the message sent out by the courts our law enforcement agencies would be totally and unforgiving corrupt!


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