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No Experience

You are so very right. I have done extensive research on both candidates, their records of service and their voting records on different bills and such. Each time I shake my head because there is no comparison.....McCain has so much more experience and Obama has basically none. Most of this partial term, as you said, has been involved in running for a higher office. I don't care for the name calling, but it's plain to me that there is only one viable candidate for the job. Unfortunately, the ill-informed are letting their hatred for Bush influence their decision-making about McCain....just because he is a Republican and supported some of Bush's policies. Overall, I think McCain brings a lot to the table. If there were someone like Colin Powell to oppose him that had a lot of knowledge and many years of experience, then I maybe could support him....but not Obama, as he really brings nothing to the table but a lot of rhetoric and slick sounding speeches.....after all, he learned from a master....Slick Willy Clinton, the best manipulator of all, and a great denier to boot! McCain/Palin 08


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