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McCain Better For Country

McCain is not a slick television personality...Obama is. McCain can't move around the televion set as well as Obama. McCain doesn't have the low, booming voice of Obama. In short Obama wins the television talent show, and sadly that is what sways many voters. Obama's message is a slew of wonderful sounding promises, that he can not keep. He's going to give citizens everything for nothing. He would have been a very successful used car salesman. But his great TV image, and his fairytale promises, work with the easily impressed, and the easily fooled. McCain is the type leader that built this great country--that no one ever wants to leave--and the leader that will do a better job of keeping the privilege of living here alive. Sky high taxes, and hampering business to the breaking point, only breaks a country. I'm not falling for the slick TV image, or the sky high promises....I'm voting McCain/Palin!!!!


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