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Great lipservice

No one is truly interested in taking the cold, hard, corrective action needed to rectify this problem. When you catch a convicted felon with a firearm, he should go to jail for a long, lonnnnng time... ...but the families don't want to see junior going away for that long. "He's a good boy!" It's a violation of both federal and state law to catch a teenager carrying a gun, but do you think he's going to get sent up? HA! If the police and DA truly cared, they'd be working with the U.S Attorney to bring Operation Exile here to Wilmington. Under OE, a felon caught with a firearm goes away for five years. No probation, no parole, five years in a federal prison, period, end of sentence. But no, we don't want to take any hard, effective action. We want to yakk about it and yakk about it....and when nothing changes, we'll yakk some more. Community nonchalance and an ineffective criminal justice system - a deadly combination.


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