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Did you even understand the premise?

The interview was regarding barriers that people face. About problems that exist. Unfortunately, what was not mentioned was that it's not just issues with Hispanics, but with many other minorities also. I think the premise was about an increase of Hispanics and their "struggle to adapt" NOT them coming here and making anyone adapt to them. And for those ignorant to U.S. "tax" law for all those "tax paying americans" you all call yourself- guess what- the Hispanic here legally ALL pay Uncle Sam his dues, and moreover, as a Hispanic and "tax paying american" as well, I don't want MY "taxes" squandered on illegals with no appreciation for this country either, or on a ridiculous war costing hundreds of american soldiers lives, or benefits such as Welfare and foodstamps for people "OF ANY RACE" that refuse to go out and actually work for a living. I suggest you learn to decipher and prioritize issues of urgency and significance that pertain to your everday lives rather than continuing to promote the ideal that a "tax paying, hard working american" doesn't include the many "LEGAL" immigrants in this country from all over the world. Welcome to the 21st century friend!


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