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Not quite

I'm a mixed racial person. The only reason I state this is so that you will take me a bit more seriously. I like how you make sweeping judgements that just because you're a Hispanic immigrant that is legal, that everyone is. Just look in the news about how many Hispanic immigrants come here illegally and then cause traffic accidents, etc. I am in no way stating that this is caused by just Hispanics, but it is the overwhelming amount. Your tax dollars and mine should be going to standing up as an American citizen, not trying to stop illegal immigrants from killing American citizens in car accidents, etc. Not many people agree with the war, that's obvious, but do you have to be so un-American to compare that to illegal immigrants causing tension in our own country? If you don't like what your tax dollars are being spent on, go back to where you were. I'm sure that wasn't your favorite place either. I agree with celebrating nationalities, but I believe each and every nationality should be celebrated in schools if they are going to do one. Black history month is great, but a whole month?? It's great to learn how black people came ahead while they were behind. But there have been groups everywhere that have done similar things. Please at least touch base with the other nationalities.


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