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Once again, totally off track.

First of all, define mixed racially; because you don't seem to grasp the concept of "mixed" anything. Secondly, traffic accidents? Are you serious? Can you at least try to make a more plausible case for yourself? I passed no "sweeping judgment" of any kind and furthermore am much more qualified than you to speak in terms of legal and illegal immigration because that happens to be the reality that I've lived with my whole life. Next, the media has a way of producing more pieces of fiction rather that fact and basing themselves on skewed statistics that have so many people confused and ignorant on this and many other pressing issues. And forgive me for being so "un-American" that I care more about American lives lost to war, the economy's impact on our country and its citizens, and the possibilities of increasing international relations in order to help bring in revenue instead of tightening borders. Like I said; priorities first. DO NOT presume to tell me to "go back to where I'm from" simply because I am concerned with how tax monies are spent- THAT is every Americans right to do so unless you have communist tendencies. I am truly embarrassed by your ignorance and ethnocentrism. You obviously missed the point of the argument and replied with ridiculous stats about car accidents, claiming that the tension in this country is a more correlated with Hispanic/Latino immigration rather than the many other issues some of which I touched base on. My advice, YOU need to touch base with other nationalities and educate yourself properly. I seriously doubt you will ever tell an African-American that they're "month" is too long and proceed to tell a Hispanic person to "go back were they came from" unless by continuing to hide behind print.


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