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People's Acceptance of Others

Unfortunately the responses written to this story are a testament to where we are in our acceptance of others. It is sad to say that after all this time since desegregation that we are still so divided. It is true that there are a lot of illegal immigrants in this country. If there are people that are here illegally then the laws of our land should be respected and they should be deported unless or until they follow the proper procedures to be in this country. This has nothing to do with a racial issue, this is a "respect for our laws issue". I do not believe, however, that this story had anything to do with the illegal immigrant problem. What it was discussing is learning an appreciation for another culture that makes up a large portion of our country. Some people brought up "Black History Month" and stated who is this necessary. I guess I would respond with a question. Have you looked in your child's history book lately to see how many African American or Hispanic Americans or even NATIVE AMERICANS are found in those history books. The reality is that the "history" that is taught in schools is mostly European American History. Should we only study Native American history since they are the only TRUE Americans by a lot of your definitions? The reason for the Hispanic Heritage Month is to break down the racism by educating these young people about one another. Many times prejudice is a result of fear because of ignorance. Maybe if the schools are able to teach our next generations about different cultures it will break down some of the biases that are so obvious when reading the comments that some have posted. I still pray for the day that people will see past the color of skin and judge them based upon the content of their character. It is so unfortunate that we are still so far from Dr. Martin Luther King's dream. Many people never learn about the contributions of other cultures to our society and never embrace the differences that make this country great.


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