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The Real Issue

with so many of our populace, including me, is the expectation that we adapt our society and language to accomadate the immigrants. Sorry folks, that just does not cut it. Immigrate to Mexico, you learn Spanish. They don't expect their citizens, government officials, or police to learn English. The same holds true for every other country in the world. If you want to immigrate and live there, you need to learn THEIR language and adopt THEIR culture and habits. Why should I, and every other citizen in this country, be expected to learn Spanish? If immigrnats want to live in our country, let them learn English. Let them learn American History and Civics. Let them take a Citizenship test and become a citizen. That was the expectation our Government had for so many years. Look at all the immigrants who came through Ellis Island; did the things required of immmigrants; learned OUR language; took classes in American History and Government; passed citizenship tests and took the oath of citizenship; and became hard working and productive Americans. Why is that too much to expect in today's society from those who wish to enter our Country and partake of all it has to offer?


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