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Calm down, ladies

I want nothing to happen to your little darlings either. Having some experience in this area, I am merely suggesting that you have to play the odds when the odds are stacked in your favor, and not playing the odds creates a logistical mess. For example, we could order a full strip-search of every airline passenger and be 100% sure that no one was carrying anything onto a plane, but it would paralyze airline travel. We have to make a rational choice of what level of searching is effective and practical. In the case at hand, I am merely suggesting that locking down all four schools was a bit of overkill. In fact, my money says that it was done less for school safety than to keep the streets clear and make searching easier for law enforcement. (Don't think I'm condemning that angle, just asking if it was worth all the mess.) Since his motivation was flight, the first place he'll go is a home to find clothing and possibly a weapon. I'd be advising homeowners to be watchful, and lock their doors. Right now he wants to AVOID people, not recreate the school bus scene from Dirty Harry. Meanwhile, kids in school were near wetting their pants because they couldn't go to the rest room?


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