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Both plans are nuts!

You can't dictate insurance premiums without seeing a reduction in services or a bankrupted industry. You can't dictate pricing on drugs without seeing a sudden loss of interest in R&D. You're not so naive as to think they're developing new drugs purely to help sick people, are you? 5 out of 6 Americans HAVE healthcare, and if either of these lunatic plans take hold, we will simply screw up the healthcare for everyone. Want to cut healthcare costs? First: Start letting people customize their insurance based upon the coverage they need. There should be no "mandated coverages." A couple who has no intention of having a child should be able to waive pre-natal and obstetric care and receive a discount. Someone with no history of cancer in the family should be able to opt out on cancer coverage. Young, healthy people should pay far less than old geezers like me. Now, I know that critics will point out that that raises the rates for people who DO need those other coverages, but guess what? THEY are the ones who will likely be using the coverage. They SHOULD pay more! Second: Start treating health insurance the same way we treat homeowner or automobile insurance. Routine maintenance is not included! When your water heater burns out, you don't put in an insurance claim. When you need a tune-up, you don't send the bill to State Farm. Why then, do we have our insurance companies pay for a routine visit to the doctor? Why don't WE pay for the routine issues, and have insurance for the broken bones, heart attacks, etc.? Third: Restrict ridiculous lawsuits and damages against physicians. The reason the doctor gives you $3800 worth of tests because you have a tickle in your throat is because he knows that if the tickle turns out to be that one in a billion case of Rift Valley Fever in Hampstead, you're going to sue him until he bleeds. A physician should only be sued when he or she is guilty of incompetent or negligent conduct. Simply "making a mistake" or failing to foresee a bizarrely rare outcome should not get you a dime.


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