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I both agree and disagree with some of what you said. I agree with the a-la cart portion. However, with the cost of a doctors visit...when I am sick it needs to be covered. I have a deductible just like I do with my home. I can nit pick EVERY thing that breaks in my home if I wish and pay up to the deductible...then the insurance kicks in which is the way health insurance works. UNFORTUNATELY, insurance in ANY flavor is becoming RAPE..prices are becoming UNFORDABLE for a lot of folks. I didn't take an EXCELLENT job once because of a health insurance issue. It was going to take almost ONE WHOLE paycheck to pay for it and I wasn't going to do that. I do agree with you on the attitude of the sue happy country we live in though....I wouldn't be a doctor for NOTHING today...people are suing so they can get something for nothing...the same people that want to vote for the presidential candidate that promises something for nothing...THOSE PEOPLE are this countries problem! The government needs to get back to what its job is instead of the things it has branched out to do OUTSIDE of what it is supposed to be doing! Education and health care are NOT guaranteed under our Constitution...but the give me something for nothing crowd is growing and this generation of young folks are the WORSE!


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