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Once again....

Once again you show that you know an awful lot about nuts and very little about health care, insurance and the cause/effect issues of such. Equating health insurance to automobile insurance is no less than assinine and a pitiful comparison to such a complex problem. The human body is a weeee bit more complex than an automobile. That's why we have highly degreed and skilled doctors providing diagnosis/treatment rather than the mentality of a body, paint and bondo man. One claim for a broken arm would get you cancelled, so what would happen if you were actually admitted to a hospital and received $10 aspirin or a quad bypass? You really believe that people that decide not to have children actually do not? Then how is it that so many mwomen get pregnant every year while on birth control? Is that a chance to take that is truly viable? Maybe in your PERFECT world, but not in the real one. What needs to be done is for you and I to stop having to pay for the "baby farmers", the people that refuse to work and pump out baby after baby. This applies to those legally here and especially for those that are illegal! The cost of illegal alien health care and welfare health care is absolutely staggering and it appears that will NEVER end! I'm all for reducing the expenses of reasonable health care and unnecessary Dr. visits, but the FREE stuff for 50 million people has to stop first! We all have had to pay our share. No pay....well, go figure!


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