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You know you are absolutely right about the High Deductible/HSA plans, BUT...most folks are completely in the dark about all of the different types of plans available to them and are concerned not about what they see but more about what they don't. Most folks that have insurance are probably overinsured because they are scared of the unknown. Did you know that someone who has gotten a DUI or lost thier driver's license may be considered uninsurable or may be rated up because they are considered high risk? Did you know that health insurance companies may check your credit score before writing you a policy, just like car insurance and charge you a higher premium because you defaulted on a credit card in your early twenties? These are the issues that need to be addressed by the new administration along with pre-existing conditions and 20-25% percent yearly premium increases. Along with the banking regulators the insurance company CEO's and analysts need to be brought to task before congressional hearings. Have each senator fill out an application for health insurance with an independant company and see how much their rates would be. Then they would see why so many americans choose not to have even basic health insurance. $750-1000 per month for a family of four when all the other bills have to be met is a burden that most families just can't bear. I had a basic policy for my family that covered 70% hospitalization and surgery and the premium was more than my house payment. We had no choice but to drop the plan and pay as we go. I know that it is dangerous and probably stupid but I have to put a roof over our head and food in our bellies before I pay the first dime to an insurance company. I know that we are not alone. My employer does not provide health benefits. This is where there has to be some effort put forth by these candidates, the folks in the gap. 47 million of us. I certainly am not for government sponsored health care, they have already screwed up everything else but I would like to see them set some federal laws regulating what insurance providers can increase rates for and that no one be denied truly affordable coverage. This only comes with sweeping law changes and strict oversight to protect the american people, not with favors to lobbyists and maintaining the status quo. Neither of the candidates health plans are without flaws and there is much work still to be done.


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