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Let's go over this slowly for you.

First, no one is comparing the human body to a car, so please don't be intentionally dense. The basic concept, of paying for routine maintenance, however, is just as sound for a human being as it is for your vehicle.Another poster gave a prime example of a policy that does exactly that via a high annual deductible. The problem is that they are only now starting to show up in corporate benefit plans. Too many corporate plans cover too much. Second, MANY people opt to skip cildren and don't have any. This is especially true in second marriages. Why should they pay to be covered for obstetric and pre-natal care? A person should be able to pick only those coverages he or she needs, and not have to pay for coverage they will never use. I understand your resentment toward Medicaid patients, but don't understand how you cannot see that "large pools" have just as detremental effect on pricing for everyone. Healthy people pay far too much for insurance to keep the prices fown for the unhealthy. Let people waive specific coverages they don't want and stop letting states mandate what services must be provided.


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