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I live about a half mile from where this prisoner escaped. The woods surrounding me and behind my house are heavily wooded and could offer many hiding places for a person trying to run and not be found. I cant figure out why the bloodhounds weren't immediately used to find and flush this man out. I have heard but not confirmed that "the woods are too thick" for the dogs! If true that is ridiculous! Hunters and hunting dogs of all kinds are constantly running their dogs back there during deer, dove and wild turkey season! My own kids have played in certain parts of the woods so its not making one bit of since to me! The Whiteville city schools did what they had to do to protect our children and should be commended. Where it was a bit of a hassle to pick up my children from WHS on Thursday, had it been made easy then anyone could have picked them up! If that escapee is still hiding in those woods he is certainly not smiling! It is FULL of copperhead and cottonmouth snakes that haven't gone into hibernation yet plus the mosquitoes are so thick that at times it looks like walls of them! Now its raining and getting cooler at night. I'm sure his stay out there has not been pleasant! I will continue to keep all of our flood lights on at night, our doors locked and the shotgun case key in my pocket!


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