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Scoped rifles?

Absolutely no firearms expert I have known or read recommends a scoped rifle for a fast moving target. The relationships between field of view, magnification, and light transmission would mean that you would have to use a large, low power scope, thus rendering it of little advantage over open iron sites. You have obviously never encountered a shoot-through situation, either. I can assure you that a 5.56 mm SS109 round can enter a suspect's chest, penetrate his heart, shatter his spine, and exit his body with enough velocity to penetrate two walls of an apartment, lodging half-way through a stud in the third. That's why many departments have abandoned M-4 carbines in place of selective fire MP5s or shotguns for entry teams. This was not a sniper situation, requiring a high power rifle with scope. A shotgun was the perfect weapon to use, assuming that the officer reacted quickly and was trained to a level of proficiency to insure success. I have a Remington 11-87 Police with rifle sights that can place 5 of 5 slugs in a paper plate at fifty yards. Load it with 00 bucksot and at least a quarter of the pellets will be on the plate, with the remainder within a few feet surrounding the plate. If they WERE armed with rifle, it had better be a 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45ACP carbine if you don't want to see innocent people getting killed.


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