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You have not a clue what you are talking about

At close range (like a fleeing criminal) nothing is going to out do a shotgun! Hitting the target is far easier in the first place and in the second, you do not need the range or power of a rifle. A scope makes it even more difficult to find, follow and hit your running target. This was real life and not TV! Of course the guards hesitated. They have to take in certain real life facts. What and/or who else is in the line of fire for one. I am sure you have seen road crews working. Citizens passing by in cars, homes and or businesses around. You just don't come out "guns a blazing"! The criminal took a life threatening chance that the guard did not. The criminal got lucky. That the guard took the time to make sure no innocent person was in the line of fire was lucky for the public. Lucky the guard acted responsibly. Better that criminal gets to stay on the lamb for a short while than some poor slob and his family have buck shot rain into the car they are driving.


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