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More of the same.

I look at this story about abuse being horrible only when committed against women then I seen another recent story: and I say "what a crock!" Few will notice in that other article that the 5 percent is a stat based on REPORTED abuse. They will ignore the part about the stigma, created and perpetrated by society, that prevents many male victims of abuse, which includes verbal, mental, physical, and even sexual abuse, from reporting the abuse. Even the more recent article about dating violence focuses on female victims. Once someone like myself brings this up, then someone comes forward and spouts "oh, but we help men too!", but look at this article. Look at the article about dating violence. And let's see the upcoming article about date rape. Really? You're helping men? More like you and others are helping to keep men as abuse victims. The truth is that every result of abuse one can list that can happen to a woman can happen to a man as well. Death as the result of abuse? Yes. Low self-esteem? Yes. Striking back at the abuser? Yes. Suicide? Yes. But it is society's preceptions of gender as to how to react to those results. Man killed by his female abuser? HE must have been HER abuser and she was killing him to stop it. Suicide? He must have been doing something bad to her and felt depressed. Ah well, no big loss. Low self-esteem? Wimp. Comedy skit. I've seen the stories of the fake public stings of men yelling at or becoming aggressive to women to see how witnesses react. Let's see the other way too. Let's show how society REALLY views a male victim of abuse. The fact is, abuse is wrong, no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is. Anyone who downplays it, ignores it, justifies it, or makes fun of the victim based on the victim's gender, race, sexuality, or other factor is as much an advocate for abusive acts as the abuser themselves. Andrwe


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