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Thank you for proving my point.

"...nothing binding them to an abusive relationship. " "...she believes in her and the family's dependence upon the abuser." "The male is often the breadwinner. " "The male is rarely the stay-at-home parent who gave up a career." "The male, however, can usually leave at will." "...male who has such low self-esteem... " " dependent that he simply can't leave,..." Your comment is filled with so much stereotyping and evidence of my statements that I wonder if you really realized it. Society follows those stereotypes closely. And if a man doesn't fall into the stereotype? "...I've never known any male that weak." Congratulations! You've just supported society's continuing efforts to keep men viewed as expendable victims of abuse! Have you passed on that attitude to children as well, making certain that they grow up to be lifelong victims of abuse? Or are you working to make certain that the future victims of abuse don't grow up? After all, no matter what their age, many abuse victims succumb to suicide. Andrew


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