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Stereotype or cold, hard reality?

Andrew, even Rip Van Winkle had enough backbone to get his dog and gun and go squirrel hunting when the boat anchor really started riding him. In my book, anyone who sticks around and tolerates abuse is weak, regardless of gender. It's simply a fact, however, that married women often have many financial impediments to being strong and getting away from the abuser. You choose to view that as stereotypical, I choose to view it as statistical reality, because it is a statistical reality. BTW, I doubt that either of my children will be "lifelong victims of abuse." My older daughter is a deputy sherriff who stands 5'11" and weighs in around 170 or so, while my younger daughter is a career Army medical officer. No guy in his right mind would dare try to abuse the first, and the second has the financial stability that means she need not deal with any crap at all. Knowing them as I do, my money says that they'll never be abused by anyone. They both have more cajones than most men. Andrew, I'm sorry if reality conflicts with the gender-neutral world you desire, but the simple fact is that in the absence of some physical handicap that prevents independence, most men can leave easily. If a man is so emotionally dependent to the relationship that he just can't walk out that door and prefers to sit alone in the dark crying, then yes, I view him as weak. To put it bluntly, he needs to "be a man," and stand up for himself. That doesn't mean tit-for-tat, returning an equal amount of the abuse he receives. It means getting out of a relationship that has turned bad.


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