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More proving my point.

While you have two daughters and no son to speak of, you've just proven my point that your "statisitics" are nothing more than stereotypical mumbo-jumbo. Even YOU admit that your own daughters don't live up to the stereotypes society in general puts on them. In addition, by making such statements about men being weak if they are victims of abuse and cannot, for WHATEVER reason, get out of it, then you've just insured that any male victim of abuse who reads your comment will know what to expect if they DO report it. After all, you admit that one of your own daughters is an authority figure who a victim of abuse would have to go to. The abuse victim sees your own statements, and would expect that you have taught your daughters the same thing. And it's highly probably if they followed in your footsteps, that male victims will receive NO fair, honorable, and/or ethcial treatment. I'd also like to point out the inconsistant remarks you made: You refer to your first daughter by physical attributes, implying a physical response to any attempt at abuse against her. Yet, you imply that it would be wrong for a man to physically stand up to an abusive woman. And, as well, you continue to compare them to men in general, "They both have more cajones than most men." An implied statement that you, at the least if not them, segregate character and capability by gender. Again, not a very honorable or ethcial attitude to have when one is an authority figure, such as a deputy sheriff, who should be protecting the Rights of ALL citizens, no matter who they are. Frankly, such brings more and more concern about the honor and ethics of the sheriff's department. So long as you struggle to keep stereotypes and abuse acceptable, it will continue to be alive and well. Andrew


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