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What went so horribly wrong in your life?

Where did you ever latch onto this asolutely crazy notion that men and women are supposed to grow up devoid of any influences from physiology, psychology, or sociology? My God! You're actually attacking the honor and ethics of a sheriff's department in another state because they hired a woman you have never met, simply because you have a disagreement with ME! Are you a mental case? I'm sure that if my daughter gets a domestic disturbance call and comes across some guy who has been beaten bloody or is crying his eyes out because his wife/girlfriend is so mean to him, she'll treat him with the same respect that any male officer would show him. Let me be blunt, Andrew. Men are supposed to be men and while you may have some problem defining exactly what that means, most men AND WOMEN don't. If a man is so emotionally weak, physically weak, or downright stupid that he cannot extricate himself from an abusive relationship, the species will likely be stronger without him. Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: If John Wayne didn't wear it, say it, or do it, it's best to avoid it.


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