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How about stop advocating abuse?

Instead of aiding and abeiting abusers by tearing down abuse victims further, how about acutally working to end abuse, no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is? Simple fact is, your very comment makes YOU and abuser and a trainer of abusers and your very comments about your daughters and how it's acceptable for them to physically respond to an attack but not acceptable for male victims to phsyically respond to attacks shows a potential biased raising of your daughters, making them incapable to honorably and ethically work in positions of authority. No, I'm not in an abusive situation. But I do have a child who could feasibly end up in an abusive situation in his future and with bigoted guttertrash out there who work so hard and diligently to make certain that he feels he has no Rights based solely on his gender, I have to work extra hard to counter that obscene, perverse, immoral training of the bigots. While I try to teach my child "You do not have the Right to attack anyone and No one has the Right to attack you", whether that attack is verbal, mental, physical, and/or sexually, I have a massive number of bigoted guttertrash telling him "don't be a tattle tale" or "ignore them and they'll stop" or "boys don't hit girls" (while at the same time telling him that it's ok for them to hit him and if he defends himself, then HE must be the attacker). Now, I could have EASILY argued "gee, if you think abuse against males is acceptable and funny, maybe I'll just say the same is true in reverse and THEN see if anything changes for the better". But instead, I follow an INTELLIGENT path and try to reinforce that abuse, no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is, is wrong. And anyone who ignores it, trivializes it, advocates it, and/or finds it humorous based on race, gender, or any other factor is just as much an unethical, abusive piece of guttertrash the same as the direct abuser is. So, let's make it clear: YOU are tearing down abuse victims based on their gender and their inability, in some cases, of getting out of their situation based on preconceived bigotted stereotypes. You tell me how that is honorable, ethical, or intelligent? Andrew


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