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Let's see, the article starts: "One out of every 5 college females will experience some form of dating violence. It usually starts with simple control issues, then verbal and physical abuse. In extreme cases, it can lead to death. " Then, we have the general reference of a class: "Professor Bagnell will hold a number of dating violence classes on Monday. They are free and open to students and the general public. They will take place at Leutze Hall at UNCW at 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. " And the general reference of telling others how to report violent activites: "If you have, or are a victim of dating violence, report it. For support, advice or more information call the UNCW Counseling Center at 910-962-3746." The first quote refers to a specific gender as a victim. The other two IMPLY gender neutral concern. But, how can we believe that the concern really is neutral if the first part specifies ONLY one gender as if the missing gender were unimportant? The FACT is that ANYONE, no matter who they are, can be a victim of verbal, mental, physical, and even sexual violence. You can downplay it, misinform about it, lie about it, advocate it, justify it, but in the end, it still amounts to one thing: ABUSE. And no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is, it's wrong. You can spout all the stats you want. But in the end, the only way to truly end abuse is to work to end abuse for EVERYONE, not just one group or another. Because of the way the initial part of this article is written, I have to wonder if the professor is going to actually be preaching bigotry and hate against a whole group of individuals based on gender, accusing them, solely because of their gender, of being violent criminals. The fact is, that many acts of abusive acts the professor can place at the feet of men can also be placed at the feet of women. The fact is that society allows it to happen by making the act of abuse against men a humorous or justifiable act, and so the stats are actually misleading because you can't count someone who is treated as a comedy skit not only by general society but by the authority figures as well. To reitterate, abuse is wrong, no matter who the victim is and no matter who the attacker is. Anyone who tries to downplay it, ignore it, justify it, or turn it into a humorous act based on some irrelevant factor such as race, gender, sexuality, or other factor is as much an advocate in favor of abuse as the acutal abuser is. Fight abuse, and you put an end to it. Stereotype it, and you keep it alive and well. Andrew


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