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those people should not even

those people should not even be dating period till there 30years old ,oh its the same mutts in line at the social services trying to track down a dead beat dad , or needing assistance for food stamps and child care ,having kids when there 16 to 35 , that should be illegal for young girls 16 to 35 to have kids unless they have the credintials to do so they should have to prove to the community that they are capable of having kids and supporting them . so the answer to this domestic violence is wait till your 30 to date ,grow up be a woman find the right guy through specific interests a hobby , church , carrer, military,instead of quarter draft night for ladies or crusing around the mall in your new mustang daddy bought his lil sweetheart for her birthday. i dont believe in violence period and i treat women with respect and dignity just like a gentle man should .as for the younger generation you gotta really scope them out for a while then you can zero in on whos naughty and whos nice


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