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McCain = 90 percent Bush!

McCain is also ready to get us into a war with Iran, and if you have looked into it, you know it isn't going to be another Iraq. We will die on American soil when Iran fights back. We also need to bring our troops home. Support the troops, bring them home. Obama is ready to do that. McCain will continue to let them die over there. Obama is NOT going to take our guns away. It isn't even possible because of the amendment. He is lowering taxes for us - 95 percent of all taxes (and don't try to tell me that any of you posting here make above 250k a year lol.) Obama was indeed born in the united states. I have seen the newspaper clipping announcing his birth. He is protestant, not a muslim. He is an intelligent man with absolutely NO EVIDENCE of questionable acts in his career. McCain. Even in McCain's most forgiving, unbiased biographies, you can see who the real questionable one is here. He barely graduated college because he was a drunk, and a womanizer. He only graduated because of his father's and grandfather's reputation which was the only thing keeping his head above water period. He was a good soldier in the war, and I'll give him that - but that does not make him intelligent enough to run this country. Also, if you read his biography it becomes very clear why he is running for president. He always had an inferiority complex and this is his way of proving hes just as good as the rest of his family; and hes NOT. He also supported 90 percent of every horrible decision Bush made. His voting record in the senate is 90 percent! He is 90 percent Bush. Here he is in this video showing how much he supported Bush Now think hard, do you want this senile lunatic running our country into the ground? We don't need four more years of Bush. Look what it has done! It's in all of your best interests to vote for Obama. Make it so.


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