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Voting for McCain based on the matter WHAT Obama-lama-ding-dong sais..he IS going to raise quickly we forget that CLINTON said the EXACT same thing...that he wouldn't raise taxes on the middle class...he came back and said..GOSH DARN..we just didn't see a way around it...taxes shot up in one of the largest increases in taxes EVER at that point. Obama is for SOCIALISM...and I ABHOR IT! NOBODY who works for a living should have to pay the way for those that don't! Those that work shouldn't have to SHARE their wealth. What I make, I make because of hard work and dedication...NOBODY deserves a piece of that...NOBODY! On the point of gun control....HE WILL institute gun control! They will have an assault weapons up on the Second and get back with me on if you feel we don't need assault weapons...based on what the Second allows the citizens to do...we need the ability to rise against the government to toss them out on their rear ends...that means we need the weapons to do that...that assault weapons ban was also just plain out stupid! Global Warming....OK I'll bite. Global Warming IS doubt. HOWEVER, there is NO PROOF...absolutely NONE that it is a MAN MADE CAUSE! I am not saying that we don't contribute to it in a VERY MINUSCULE WAY..most of what we see is natural and its a cycle. Remember back ...OMG IT WAS GLOBAL COOLING...we were all going to freeze to death....didn't happen did it? Nope...I'll vote for McCain based on the ISSUES...I'll vote for McCain because I don't want to know what an America with a far left socialist like Obama will be like! HOPEFULLY even if he DOES win...the people will let the Republicans control the Senate or the House to keep him at bay. You think Bush was bad on personal privacy...LOL wait until a Liberal gets in'll be on a poop and flush schedule!


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