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has said the SAME thing about Iran..that they were dangerous and military action isn't off the table. Second...war isn't patty cake...PEOPLE DIE! Luckily for the liberal loons there are those who are patriotic willing to DIE so they can run their mouths. 250K...ISN'T JACK my friend...not for ANY SOUNDS like a lot of money which is the mind trick Obama is using, but it isn't a lot. Who do you think is going to PAY for the tax increases on the rich and small business...IT WON'T BE will be YOU and Obama KNOWS IT! They will figure out what percentage of their goods need to increase and the tax gets right into YOUR pocket. In essence the tax is ALL on the 95% he is always spouting off about! A vote for Obama is a vote by a moron. Obama ISN'T intelligent...he just knows how to use words...and if he gets guys are going to be kicking yourselves in the arse before its over. It will take 10-20 YEARS to fix what he is going to screw up in 4 years...what would be even FUNNIER is when he gets in there he screws up SO BAD that he gets tossed out by the people! NOW THAT would be a good history point!


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