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OMG, There's a commie/terrorist behind every tree

Everyone run for the hills, be scared, and don't engage in independent thought!!! This rhetoric about Obama as a socialist is laughable, and it goes to show how desperate McCain supporters are becoming. It's sad, really. For those of you who stopped paying attention after 7th grade, Socialism is not the same thing as Communism(see USSR). Socialism says that you can rise as high as you want in society, but that we will create a safety net so you won't fall too low. Communism says we will all be equally destitute. I would encourage you to read a book on economic theory, but you probably don't believe in any other books than the B-I-B-L-E. And sadly, you probably know even less about the writings in the Bible than you do about economics. The Bible has more teachings about taking care of the poor than any other subject. And nowhere is it written "God takes care of those who take care of themselves." If one can take care of his/her self, what does he/she need God's help for? For a nation that claims to be founded "under God" and a God who speaks about taking care of the poor in His Bible, your sentiment about not sharing your wealth, which is echoed by McCain and other Republicans, seems un-American to me. Why are you still here? Go away and let Americans fix this nation. Because real Americans want to help each other, and look out for one another. Real Americans are a part of something bigger than themselves. So if you want to ostracize someone, LOOK in the mirror!


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