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I think that YOU need to break out the textbook

You evidently missed the part about how Socialism funds that "safety net." Let me give you some ideas. Some income tax rates from Europe: The Netherlands 52% Norway 54% Italy 45% Denmark 48% Germany 45% UK 40% France 40% Now, maybe YOU want to give away almost half of what you make to take care of the lazy and inept, but most of us want to take care of our families and spend OUR money the way WE want to. BTW, pray to God that we never leave, because who do you think is bankrolling this country...those worthless slugs you want to coddle? Do you have any idea exactly WHO pays the income tax in this country? For Tax Year 2006 Percentiles Ranked by AGI Top 1% $388,806 39.89% Top 5% $153,542 60.14% Top 10% $108,904 70.79% Top 25% $64,702 86.27% Top 50% $31,987 97.01% Bottom 50% <$31,987 2.99% Those figures are straight from the IRS. The top 50% of earners pay 97.01% of all personal income taxes. If that's not enough to satisfy you greedy little social engineering weasels, then let the revolution start now.


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