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you better go back and check the polls. The latest AP poll has them virtually neck to neck. People are finally waking up and realize Senator Obama is similar to Fidel Castro in many ways. If he is elected, the only ones who will see their economic condition improve will be those already on welfare and entitlement programs. Those of us who work hard for a living or have created some net worth will see it being ravaged. If Obama is elected, you can expect personal income taxe rate, if you work, to increase to around 45%. Small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, will be even more hard pressed to survive. Look for the return of inheritance and estate taxes. Can you read? His top 3 economic advisers are the three guys who ran Fannie Mae into the ground and cost the taxpayers NINE BILLION DOLLARS. They were able to achiec those lofty numbers in just 4 years.


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