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Maybe we should tie officials' salaries to their performance....

same as they do to our educators!!! After all, who but our 'leaders' get to vote for their own pay raises! Maybe when these politicians actually have to worry about health care costs (paid for by the taxpayers), retirement (paid for by the taxpayers - they get their salaries for the rest of their lives - even after one term - and they don't pay into Social Security), junketts, and the other priveleges that they've lavishly bestowed upon themselves - I'll actually believe that they 'feel our pain'. I want to know their voting record - and it's my right as well as my obligation to be an informed voter! You certainly can't trust the words that come out of their mouths - so let their actions speak!!! I had a professor tell me something 20 years ago that seemed pretty radical at the time - but is starting to make more and more sense. Make duty to the legislative branch the same as Jury get a per do your session, and then you go home....if you want to exercise your right to vote, then understand that you may be called some day to actually help make the laws!!! It know it's not practical - but it sure would eliminate the PACS and the cronyism that is bankrupting this country today!


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