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Taxes and Social Security... When does it stop?

1. Regardless of who gets into the White House, he will have to raise taxes if he plans to make a stab at fixing the deficit. I'm so sick of hearing lies from those who run for office. 2. You wonder why folks don't want to vote? I dare say part of the reason is because money will more than likely buy the presidency. Which lobbyists are in Obama's corner with all he's spending? How many middle class Americans do you think would have a prayer at winning? 3. That being said, what we need is someone who won't continue to push for income tax the way we have it now. I'm sick to death of paying out 30% of what I earn only to be told I can't retire until the age of 66.5... (if I even live that long) and that may even increase. And I don't want to hear the talk about how much longer people are living! Even if folks do live longer, I've seen enough folks in nursing homes to know it's not the kind of life I'd want to live as my "retirement years." It seems if we work over 30 years or so, we should be able to enjoy our social security. But since our government has deemed it necessary to "borrow" so much of the social security's savings, then dispense a good deal of it to pork projects, welfare projects, and God only knows what else, there's simply not enough left for folks to retire at a reasonable age. Pretty soon, they'll just say there is no retirement at all!! Yet, it's my understanding Obama wants to take even more tax dollars and give it to folks who haven't earned it! Why? So I'll have even less to live on? I have a ton of medical bills, a small middle class house, one vehicle, and have to watch where I go so as to not use up too much gas! I worked very hard for my education and continue to work sometimes 6 days a week due to nursing shortages. There was a time I looked forward to retiring at age 55 and that's been changed. I doubt I'll see retirement... just like my late husband who died at age 63. Where did HIS money go? And what happened to the idea of changing our tax laws? That seems to have gone by the wayside. As far as I'm concerned, we need to have a revolution in this country just like the over-taxed Brits who finally had to make a stand (if you know your history I don't have to spell it out). I'm not a disloyal American. I love my country... but at the rate it's going, I'm not so sure there will be much left to love in 50 to a 100 years from now. That may seem far away, but it's your grandchildren who will suffer and possibly your children. We've sure lost a lot since our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Indepence. Any chance of regaining the freedoms of democracy and ridding ourselves of this slow train to socialism?


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