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US Consitutional Requirements!

I agree with you 100% And, I also believe in full disclosure by all candidates. Currently there is a challenge filled in the US Courts that are demanding just a few things that I feel are not too much to ask. Or really better put, not too much to demand. There is a rumor that states Obama is not a legal born citizen. This rumor could simply be put to rest with the display of a certified copy of his birth certificate. Not a copy on the web but a true certified copy to the court. Also, the rumor goes on to state that Obama attended school in a country that would not allow anyone to attend except citizens of that country and that were Muslim. If, that rumor were true, Obama through his mother would have had to forfeit their US citizenship and upon return to the states would have had to apply for citizenship. In that case, he would be a naturalized citizen. Also, that means he would not be eligible to hold the office of president. Obama, his camp, and the DNC have filed all kinds of motions to dismiss the allegations. Why not just present the documentation that not only denies these allegations but proves them wrong? Pretty simple is it not? So as a tolerant and proud moderate that is happy to claim no allegiance to either party I must ask, why all the cloak and dagger? Just simply prove the allegations wrong and be done with it. Until I see Obama address this head on and prove it wrong, I have to believe the allegations have some credibility. After all, if the rumors are false, certified documentation would prove them to be. Come on Obama, prove the allegations wrong or, withdraw! A certified berth certificate should not be all that hard to present. The one on the web could easily be doctored in photo shop. Take that one to the courts and let the judge decide. After all the challenge is, a constitutional question.


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