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Ignorance isnt one sided

Its just as ignorant as the people who damaged personal property of mccain supporters to blame Obama and compare him to Hussein, True that was wrong and I sympathize for the people who did have damage to there cars but Obama does not support this kind of behavior. We need to calm down and realize that we are all in this together. We are united as one Nation though thats hard to see at times of an election, its though our nation is split into two seperate groups of people. The Democrats and the Republicans, We will always have differences in opinion, religion, values, political views and so forth, and we should stop fighting because we believe something that someone else believes in differently, Our ability to have opinions and make decisions is what makes our species different from all the rest, and whatever your religion is, our creator probably doesnt want us fighting because we have that power, can we all please get along and realize that we are on this planet for a short time and we are missing out on our lives because we are too busy fighting over what we believe rather than just living our lives and figuring out what life is all about, thanks for reading and I hope we can seriously stop all of this nonsense and love eachother and share our lives positively while were here together. Peace


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