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Everyone here should stop

Everyone here should stop blaming the "other side". Both sides have spewed enough hate and mistruths to go around. Senator McCain and Senator Obama are BOTH guilty of smearing. Stop and look folks. It's like kids in the sandbox. Everyone needs to grow up and look at the facts instead of listening to the one-sided media blitz. Both have not so savory facts in their past. Hell, all of us do. If you say they don't, you are fooling no one but yourself.... The name calling should stop! ON BOTH SIDES. State the facts, your platform, how your plan differs from the other candidates. BUT DO NOT SMEAR!!! Don't use words like stupid, idiot, hayseed....Ignorance is no excuse for studpidity! Senator Obama, please explain why you promised to take public financing for your campaign and then changed your mind so you could raise enough money to feed and clothe the less fortunate of THIS country? The very folks you claim to champion. WIN AT ALL COSTS PREHAPS? The only problem I have with Senator Obama is his lack of experience. He has none. On the other hand, Govenor Palin has taken so much heat from the media and the Obama camp because of her "inexperience". She has been elected Mayor of a Town and Govenor. Senator Obama has been a senator for such a short amount of time and has been campaigning for President for most of the time. The position requires EXPERIENCE. His own VP nominee said it as did Hilary. Has everyone forgotten that? Why is it that Senator Obama's personal life is off limits and Sarah Palin's has been completely dissected by the Media and the Obama Camp? I do believe we should question the Senator's relationship with Bill Ayers & Acorn much more than I am concerned with Govenor Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant. Like there aren't 1000s of teens pregnant all over this country. A parent cannot be everywhere at all times. Does that mean that every parent with a pregnant teenager is an "upfit" parent? Lay off Govenor Palin. She is far from stupid and does not deserve the personal attacks. No one in this campaign deserves personal attacks. If you must attack...attack policy, attack records, attack the CEOs of companies that have bankrupted this country. Stop the MEAN Spirited attacks. BE a damn American and fight for your beliefs not to destroy a fellow American!!!!


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