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Crossing gender lines.

And yet another gender biased and bigoted reporting effort. Amazingly, some of the very same arguments could be made about male victims of date rape. But, of course, males are expendable. When we take the gender (or any other segregationist group) out of the equation, we'll start making efforts to actually end the act rather than stigmatizing a whole group or advocating an act when committed against that group. "It is a crime that is under reported, which means the number may actually be higher." Stats are traditionally used to make the occurance against others more "acceptable" or more justifiable or even give a reason to make fun of such victims. "...embarrassment and disbelief are common reasons why date rape often goes unreported, ..." And this is equally true of male victims. Especially since society has for so long make them the target of stereotypes and jokes because, after all, the stats say it doesn't happen to them. But then, it's underreported and considered an acceptable act against males, so how would they show up in the stats. "Don't be scared because it's your word against his. Don't be scared because he doesn't seem like that type of guy." This is very common in rape victims, even in male rape victims because they have society's negative view of the male victim stereotype. "A grey area often lies in consent. " This is true of the male rape victim as well. The forced stereotype that men always want sex and therefore are automatically considered to be consenting to it flies in the face of the very comments Bagnell stated. If women must specifically state "yes", then so too should the requirement that men must say "yes". It's time to end the segregation and bigotry. It's time to end the stereotypes and start workign to end the acts of abuse in all forms, no matter who the victims are and no matter who the attackers are. Andrew


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