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NObama facts

These are FACTS. If you have a difficult time deciding who to vote for after reading these you are obviously in the herd that will be run off the edge of the cliff because you are not intelligent enough to think for yourself. Remember he is running for President of the United States NOT the American Idol Champ.To start,Obama's only experience is being a community organizer.He has admitted to using DRUGS. He cannot qualify have a security clearance or be a FBI agent because he has associated with known terriots. His pastor and mentor for 20 years is a radical extremist and he finally had to diassociate himself due to the election.He is going to give a tax break to 95% of people when 45% do not even pay taxes.He is going to spread the wealth(maybe it will be some of yours he takes to give to someone else). He says there are 57 states.I must have overslept with Old Ripvan cause I thought there was 50.VP Biden says we(Obama) will be tested witin 6 months by terriots.But what does he know he only the VP candidate that says Roosevelt went on TV during the 1929 Depression.Same TV the Flinstones used i quess.


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