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oh good god

This is in response to "oh good god". Have you ever actually read the U.S. Constitution? The first amendment says "freedom OF religion", not "freedom from religious persecution". The first amendment was stated thusly to prevent the United States of America from either being like or becoming like England, where the Church of England was established to be THE church for ALL citizens of England. Freedom of religion gives ALL Americans the right to either HAVE a religion and to practice "it", or NOT to have one and not practice it. The Church of England was established in 1558, and because Protestantism was basically not allowed in England, this is what originally set the Pilgrims to search elsewhere to live. They first went to the Netherlands, then ended up settling on Plymouth Rock in 1620. Maybe you should go back to U.S. History and read the documents our nation's forefathers wrote for OUR freedoms today. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about the Bible, nor does it mention God. Know what you are writing about or don't write. The constitution was not written until 1787, was ratified in 1788 and was adopted for use in 1789 and has been fully operational since then. Slavery was NOT a "basic" that our country was founded on. Do you actually know ANYTHING about the country you live in? In fact, slavery was in existence in Africa beginning in 740 A.D. in Ghana. That's right, Africa had slaves WAY before America did. Also, just for the record, America was founded in 1492, and there were no slaves here at that time. The first recording of slaves into our country was Jamestown in 1619. Also, the United States wasn't "founded". America was founded and the United States wasn't even mentioned until the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. Incidentally, the First Amendment declares that we are to have "freedom of speech". If THAT is what you are referring to when you say we have the right to believe in whatever book we want to, not just the Bible that is not correct. Not only do we have rights as individuals to express ourselves either orally or in written form. The amendment does not say "believe in whatever book we want". Therefore, your statements to ronnie1970 aren't the truth.


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