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Preacher man

If you are a preacher you know NOTHING of the bible. Muslims? Sorry, Wrong Century DUH! At the time Revelation (not the improperly spelled Revelations) was written, somewhere between 69 A.D., during the reign of the Emperor Nero, and about 300 A.D., the religion of Islam (aka muslims) did not exist. Mohammed was not even born until the 7th Century A.D. 2. Of Muslim Descent? No Such Warning. There is no mention of any being "of Muslim descent" anywhere in Revelation. Incidentally, Barack Obama is not a muslim. He belongs to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. AntiChrist? None Mentioned 3. There is no reference to ANY Antichrist anywhere int the Book of Revelation. The book describes a multi-headed dragon, but never an Anti-christ. 4. A Man in his 40s? Nowhere in Revelation is any such description given. THE 9th COMMANDMENT Exodus 20:16 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." Jerk.


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