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when you look closely

ask yourself how so many Americans will survive in the future when he intends to reinstate the inheritance tax. ask yourself how older Americans, who might downsize to smaller homes and use some of the sales proceeds from the sale of their former homes to cover future living expenses will do so when he intends to do away with the tax free sale of homes. ask yourself how he will put a plan together to save our economy when his top three economic advisers led Fannie Mae to the brink of extinction under their leadership and caused the loss of NINE BILLION DOLLARS. It only took them 4 years to accomplish that. How will hard working Americans live when they see 40% or more of their wages going to fund his initiatives? How will small businesses, already strapped in today's economy, continue to do business with the new taxes they will face? This is the same guy who feels our flag is too offensive to third world extremists and would redesign it. This is the same guy who thinks our National Anthem is too offensive to Third World Extremists and would prefer a song like the Old Coke advertising jingle. We may all need the powdery form of coke to get by in an Obama led America. Perhaps he will want to bring in some Islamic laws to our country. Cut off the hand of a thief. Stone to death a woman accused of adultry. Behead the man. That's one answer to population control. Cut out the tongue of those who disagree. Blind those who read newspapers with dissenting opinions? So much for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Check out Islamic law for the facts. Even Joe Biden admitted this past week-end, if elected, Obama will face a major terrorist challenge during his first 6 months in office. Given all of the above, what will he propose? Perhaps make bin Laden the new Secretary of Homeland Security? Wake Up America!!


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