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Man, I can tell from your ID that you know better! Loose lips sink ships! Don't be tipping off the liberal Northeastern invaders about the fact that their anti-gun psychosis will be a distinct disadvantage for them when the revolution starts. To all of my dear, dear friends from New Yawk (to include "da island") and Joizey, don't pay him any mind. You don't want those evil guns in your home. If you bring a gun into your house, someone will die! Your son will find it and shoot his friend. He might shoot you and the old lady! Or you will hear a noise late at night and accidentally shoot your daughter fifteen times while she's putting her school books away. Saturday night specials (any handgun with a barrel length under sixty inches) often misfire simply while they are lying in a night stand drawer, and shoot passing toddlers in the head. (Go put a toddler next to your night stand - see if the alignment isn't perfect.) Trust me, we sincerely welcome you to North Carolina, appreciate **ALL** you have done for us, and remember that Rosie O'Donnell, Sarah Brady, and Mike Bloomberg are 100% right when it comes to those nasty guns. Satan's tools, they are! (Psssst! RomeoEchoDelta.....if Rosie O'Donnell shows up, we're gonna need something bigger than my .300 Magnum!)


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