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...and who benefitted from that money?

The shareholders of Exxon. The working men and women who have IRA's and 401k's, the retired pensioners, the union pension funds, the state employee pension funds.... ...Millions of AMERICANS reaped the rewards of investing in Exxon. If you can sincerely justify taking 42% of ANYONE's earnings,then you are obviously a true Socialist. I sincerely hope that you live to see the folly of your beliefs firsthand. It's obvious that you learned nothing from the collapse of Communism or the finacial drain on the Western European Socialist democracies that has been a boat anchor on their growth long before the current crisis took hold. Why do you think countries like Sweden, The Netherlands, and France are cutting back on benefits? Why do you think Ireland had explosive growth when they LOWERED corporate taxes? Socialism is inherently flawed because it removes the incentive for anyone to try and excel. The rich don't bother because the government will simply take away their eranings. The poor don't bother because they know they can sit on their butts, do nothing but spit out babies, and the government will take care of them. It also fuels a pirate economy in which income is masked, legally or illegally. I've already got my 100% legal tax shelter ready for when your Socialist buddies go crazy in January. You won't get another dime from me. Possibly you'll wake up when YOU are paying 42% to pay for all the doomed social engineering that cannot possibly work.


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