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You should be ashamed!! Obama is the one that the being held as the "Messiah".. Where is the real concern for our country? Obama's past affliliations and efforts to cover up his past and current affliations should be of concern to us all! We don't see the liberal media bringing it to light. hmmm. I wonder why? We are more concerned with ripping apart Palin and making a big deal over her clothing rather than basing this election on truth. Obama is a liar and we are headed for disaster with this man a president. 3 years in the senate is hardly PRESIDENT WORTHY!I know that the argument is then "Palin has no experience either" but she has accomplished more as a governor than Obama has in his 3 years in the senate. Would there be a better choice for McCain for VP? Sure. But it is what it is. McCain would be the president now if elected. Not Palin - unless something happened. OBAMA_ with his lack of experience is who many are choosing as PRESIDENT NOW??? Granted Biden has much more experience but... who is running for PRESIDENT now? And are we willing to sacrifice today for what "could happen if McCain died because he is old?" tomorrow as far as McCain/ Palin go? We used to hold the presidency in such high regard. What happened along the way? I know that many many mistakes have been made with the current administration however let's not vote on emotion! Yes we need change, however we must be wise and not vote OBAMA simply because he uses the word CHANGE so freely. Discernment, Wisdom, Truth, Honesy, and EXPERIENCE AND KNOW HOW - must be a vital part of the voting decision!


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