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RomeoEchoDelta's Rebuttal

I am truly humbled that y'all enjoyed my perspective. The pen IS mightier than the sword, as Mr or Ms Idiot Ex Republican is officially my first victim, having suffered a stroke after reading my humorous truths. I wonder if I caused blood to shoot out of his/her eyes. Oh well. 4 more and I win a 4x6 McCain / Palin yard sign. Dang she's HOT! And hotness counts as much as being a great orator (that means speaker if big words scare you). Talk is cheap, chumps. Just look at how easily people get wound up on this blog. Has anyone checked out Prof. Alexander Tyler? He's credited with the statement on the Fall of the Athenian Republic which in short reads that democracies only last about 200 years. They fail when voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts. Hmmmmmmm. Ain't about forty percent of the population on the Government teet now? (I told you Yankees I uz smarter than you-ze) Hell, I'd run for office but the pay and the smear campaigns ain't worth it. Ask your lib friends to name 1 piece of legislaton Borat Uday Hussein Nobama sponsored and got passed. Zippo is the answer, and I don't mean like the cigarette lighter company. As for Ms O'Donnell, I'm bringing a mouse. That should do the trick!


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