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you could be opening a whole can of unpleasant worms for Barrack Hussein Obama, II. He's in Hawaii right now trying to suppress a court hearing. If the hearing is succesful, it will require entry of a British birth certificate for Barrach Hussein Obama, II issued by the way on his birthdate, for a child born in a hospital in the then British colony of Kenya. Do you think Obama really wants that can of worms to open up? Cause, if that birth certificate is his and is legal, he is not a US citizen. He is an illegal alien. Unlike Henry Kissinger and Arnold Schwarneger, neither of whom was born in this country or to 2 natural born US citizens, who took an oath of allegiance when they became citizens; Senator Obama has not. On the other hand, anyone with half a brain knows the natural born offspring of 2 United States citiznes is automatically a US citizen, even if born on the North Pole. That's something Senator Obama can not claim. So to answer your ridiculous question: Yes Skippy, there is a US citizen named John McCain. I'm just not certain if you are spouting off like a beached whale or deep down are a supporter of Senator McCain. Looking forward to your witty response. I hope you use fact and not bluster.


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